"Miami Heat Point Guard
Is Living The Elite Guard
Training Code"

Here’s why I love this guy:

He grinded his way to a last-second scholarship with a small D1 school. Played four full years (no early exit), working tirelessly on his game and getting better every single season.

He then grinded his way to a 28th overall pick in the NBA draft, on pure hustle and dedication.

He worked like a madman all summer long before his rookie campaign, and didn’t let up until he was a rock-solid STAPLE in Miami’s championship lineup.

On any given day, you can walk into the Heat training facility and find him in the empty gym, ripping through advanced two ball drills, countless on-the-move jumpers, and sharpening his guard moves to laser-precision.

He’s been overlooked at every level of the game, and still always finds a way to rise to the top.

He’s a gym rat. He’s relentless. And he lives and breathes the EGT way of life:

“Taylor’s Programs Are Amazing At Giving This Style Of Pro-Level Training¬†To Up And Coming Players…¬†It’s Definitely Hard Work Though!”

135704028_crop_650x440“There’s a specific type of training that develops real guard skills, and it isn’t about just shooting 500 shots per day anymore. It’s about game specific high intensity training, and Taylor’s programs are amazing at giving this style of pro level training to up and coming players. It’s definitely hard work though!”

- Norris Cole, Miami Heat PG